What I Offer

Each consultation is normally 1 hour and costs £40.

The first consultation done on Zoom is offered as two sessions at a cost of £50.

The first consultation is a series of questions and observations to diagnose your constitutional Dosha and identify where you are out of balance. Then in the second session we can create a therapeutic plan for you that includes:

  • Dietary recommendations
  • Lifestyle practices

Ayurveda is not a quick fix to suppress symptoms, but rather seeks to address the cause of your imbalance and promote lasting change.


Ayurveda Nutrition

Want to know more about Ayurvedic Nutrition and what is the right food for you?

I have designed a short course on Ayurvedic Nutrition which comprises of 8 forty-five minute webinars together with a comprehensive manual. These teachings bring together the classical teachings of Ayurveda with my skills as a chef to teach you how to put Ayurveda into practice for a Western diet, including a Dosha questionnaire.

Head to the website www.ayurvedatc.com for further information.